Caroline Dhavernas is a Canadian actress who is best known for her roles in Wonderfalls and Hannibal. This Caroline Dhavernas bio will let the actress tell her story in her own words.   

Caroline Dhavernas Bio: Age, Early Life, Interview

Caroline Dhavernas was born on May 15, 1978 (Caroline Dhavernas age: 38) in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She comes from a family of actors. Her parents Sébastien Dhavernas and Michèle Deslauriers, as well as her sister Gabrielle Dhavernas all act professionally. She grew up speaking French but learned English at a young age.     

Caroline Dhavernas Bio: Career

Caroline Dhavernas was a child actress, dubbing characters on children’s shows like Babar. Most of her roles involved dubbing English animated shows and features into French. Beginning at age 12 she was acting in live-action productions. She starred in the TV film The Marilyn Bell Story.

She also had parts in cult classics Lost and Delirious and Edge of Madness. She is also known for her work on French-Canadian films like De père en flic and Surviving My Mother and Canadian films such as Passchendaele.  

Dhavernas also had a leading role in the NBC hit Hannibal as Dr. Alana Bloom, which chronicles the relationship between FBI agent Will Graham and psychiatrist/ serial killer Hannibal Lecter. She had previously worked with show creator Bryan Fuller on Wonderfalls. Although usually not attracted to shows or movies with heavy horror elements she didn’t mind working on Hannibal. “We kept talking about a heightened reality, an operatic, and it made the gore ok,” the actress told uInterview exclusively.

In 2017, she starred in Mary Kills People and Easy Living. Easy Living tells the story of a woman who has been working as a makeup saleswoman. “She’s at a point in her life where she’s trying to structure her life and make smart choices,” Dhavernas told uInterview about her character Sherry. “She lives in this motel, she ends up in bars, she ends up with different men every night in her motel room. So she’s trying very hard to be a normal person. I saw the movie for the first time last night, and even though i shot the movie, it really kind of struck me that ‘dude you’re not doing the right thing! you should just embrace the chaos that you are, and join the circus or something.'”

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