Hannibal let Bedelia leave him, while Will and Jack took action in Hannibal’s “Dolce.”

Hannibal “Dolce” Recap

After his confrontation with Jack (Laurence Fishburne), Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) comes home only to have Bedelia (Gillian Anderson) send him away. She’s not ready to be his dinner yet, and, somehow, her saying so is enough to send Hannibal packing. It’s all part of Bedelia’s ill-conceived plan to portray herself as a victim of Hannibal’s to the authorities. She drugs herself with the same drugs Hannibal used to sedate Miriam Lass, and when Jack and Will stumble upon her, she pretends she has no idea what is happening, presenting herself as a victim. Neither Jack nor Will truly fall for her act, and Bedelia is taken into police custody.

Meanwhile, Jack and Will (Hugh Dancy) reconnect on the job over Pazzi’s corpse as they continue to work together to hunt down Hannibal. When asked why he couldn’t kill Hannibal during their confrontation, Jack tells Will, “Maybe I need you to.” Will and Hannibal’s co-dependency is on full display.

Will stews over his complex relationship with Hannibal as the chase continues, finally tracking him to the Uffizi. “Every crime of yours feels like one I’m guilty of – not just Abigail’s murder, but every murder,” Will tells Hannibal before attempting to kill him. Will is stopped by Chiyoh, who shoots him in the shoulder from a rooftop.

Will awakens to find himself being stitched up by Hannibal. Medicated and disoriented, Will sees Hannibal making some kind of soup and asks, “What’s for dinner?” Hannibal doesn’t say – he doesn’t want to spoil the surprise – but he force-feeds Will, who makes it known he is not a fan of whatever it is he’s eating.

Jack and Chiyo (Tao Okamoto) cross paths at Prof. Soliato’s apartment, causing a strange standoff, but only Jack enters. He quickly spots Will, sitting in the dinning room, strapped down at the table with Hannibal.

Hannibal forces Jack to sit at the table by cutting his tendon and then proceeds to deliver a chilling speech about the last time they were meant to meet over dinner. He takes out an elegant box and takes out a small, circular saw. “Jack was the first to suggest getting inside your head – now we have the opportunity to chew quite literally what we’ve only chewed figuratively,” Hannibal tells Will.

Hannibal approaches slowly, turning on the saw and cutting into Will’s forehead. Before he can cut bone, suddenly the image changes, and we are taken to a meat freezer filled with dead pigs hanging upside down from their toes. Among them: Will, blood still dripping form his forehead, and Hannibal hanging side by side. Mason Verger (Joe Anderson) arrives and welcomes them to Muskrat Farm.

Meanwhile, Margot (Katharine Isabelle) and Alana (Caroline Dhavernas) have sex and continue to grow closer. They are still working together to track Hannibal and try to ensure Mason’s capture instead of Hannibal’s. But, while Mason continues to live freely, he continues to have control over Margo. He tells her he wants a baby, saying he thinks he’d be a good parent, so, after sex with Alana, Margot asks her if she has “any experience harvesting sperm.”

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