All season long viewers have watched the cunning Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) chip away at Will’s (Hugh Dancy) mind, convincing the intelligent FBI investigator that he was going insane and setting him up to be framed for the murders of the Garrett Jacob Hobbes’ copycat killings of Dr. Sutcliffe, Georgia Madchen and Abigail.

The season finale, titled “Savoureux,” saw Will vomiting up a ear—belonging to Abigail and planted by Lector—after he took a handful of pills. Will discloses that he last saw Abigail Hobbs in Minnesota and that he hallucinated about killing her. Hannibal then calls Jack (Lawrence Fishburne) and Will is taken in for questioning concerning what the FBI can find in Minnesota. Providing no answers, Jack takes Will into processing and finds a knife in his pants as well as blood underneath his fingernails.

Will is questioned by Alana (Caroline Dhavernas) as Jack looks on from a two-way mirror. Will reveals the little romantic rendezvous the two had some episodes prior, and soon after admits to Jack that he thinks someone is setting him up. Will asks Hannibal to take him back to Minnesota, and the doctor happily obliges.

In the Hobbs’ house in Minnesota, Will and Hannibal have a showdown. Will has a breakdown and points a gun to his head. Jack creeps in and shoots Will just as the profiler is about to shoot Hannibal. Will’s blood splatters on Hannibal’s face and falls to the same corner that Daddy Hobbs fell into in the show’s pilot episode.

While Will lies in a hospital bed suffering from brain inflammation, Hannibal serves Dr. Bedelia (Gillian Anderson) dinner and the two engage in a cryptic conversation about the veal (in fact Abigail’s body) they’re eating when Dr. Bedelia tells Hannibal he has to be careful as people are starting to uncover his pattern of forming relationships with violent patients.

The last scene shows Hannibal entering the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane where he walks until he finds the cell of former FBI agent Will Graham. The two exchange menacing “hellos” and the screen cuts to black.

Hannibal has been renewed for a second season and will return to NBC for a mid-season run.