What's a year with one more pic of a scantily-clad Rihanna? A better year, says ad industry magazine Advertising Age, who named Rihanna's Armani Underwear the sexiest of 2011. Now the singer, 23, grabbing some much-needed R & R on her native island of Barbados after a six-month, round-the-world touring schedule, is wrapping up 2011 while unwrapping her sexy, curvy figure.

It's the kind of behavior that won Rihanna plenty of attention this past year — and a little bit of disapproval to go along with it. While filming the "We Found Love" video in Northern Ireland, a farmer put a halt to production when the singer went topless. "The state of undress was becoming inappropriate," Alan Graham told the BBC at the time.

Now Rihanna's got another sexy video out, the Clockwork Orange-inspired "You Da One." Watch it here:

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