Big Brother returns with Judd Daugherty as the Head of Household and the entire house still completely unaware that the MVP isn’t among them – it’s America.

Most of the Big Brother contestants are convinced that Elissa Slater was once again made MVP, and that her denial is some kind of strategy. Elissa, meanwhile, is actually freaking out that she doesn’t have the safety of the title. Her fear isn’t unwarranted as Spencer Clawson and Howard Overby are hatching a plan to get both Elissa and Amanda Zuckerman on the block. They’re starting a new alliance of outsiders to make it happen.

Head of Household Judd, Kaitlin Barnaby and GinaMarie Zimmerman all opt to join Spencer and Howard after the latter gives an appealing speech. His self-propagandizing included asserting that he wasn’t a danger to them and posturing as the “guy next door” the “best friend” and everything else non-threatening.

As it turns out, MVP America puts Elissa in danger of elimination. Either Big Brother viewers love her and hate her with equal fervor, or they weren’t adequately briefed on the rules change for this week. Either way, she’s in danger of going home.

The election-themed veto competition requires the housemates get dressed for success. They don’t look ready for the campaign trail for long though, as soon enough they're rifling through the mud for numbers. The higher the number they pick, the higher their chance of winning the competition. The twist? There are risks with higher numbers, and the potential for cash winnings with the smaller numbers.

In the end, Judd gets 38 votes but 24 hours solitary ,and Helen gets 29 votes but two nights of an 8 p.m. curfew. Aaryn gets 32 votes, Kaitlin 25 votes and McCrae Olson a measly 20 votes and $5,000. Elissa, very luckily for her, manages to get 40 votes and the power of veto. She can now take herself right off the block should she choose.

It’s hard to be happy for Elissa for too long, as she turns around and gets all Regina George on Amanda. For McCrae’s 24th birthday, Amanda gets glammed up in her black swimsuit, which Elissa doesn’t approve of in the least. She tells Amanda she’s gross and hastily appends the meaningless phrase “Not to be mean or anything.” But she gets meaner, suggesting she looks tacky and like a stripper. Eventually, Amanda can’t take it anymore and runs off to the bathroom to cry.

After Elissa officially takes herself off the block, the person in the house who received the second highest number of votes by America will take her place. That person is GinaMarie, who joins Kaitlin and Aaryn Gries.

Who will go home when Big Brother returns? Has Elissa blown her chances of getting MVP again?

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