Julie Chen came back to CBS Wednesday night to host the reality competition series Big Brother, and appeared to lend her support to disgraced husband Les Moonves when she signed off from the program.

At the end of the show, Chen stated “From outside the Big Brother House, I’m Julie Chen Moonves. Goodnight.”

Moonves, 68, was forced to step down as chairman of CBS — a position he had held since 1995 — on Sunday after new reports detailed further information about allegations of sexual harassment against him. In July, six women accused Moonves of sexual abuse.

Chen, 48, and Moonves have been married since 2004 and share one child together.

Chen — who has hosted Big Brother since it premiered in 2000 — seems to have taken many people at CBS by surprise with her use of her husband’s last name.

According to People magazine, a source involved with the show’s production said of Chen’s action:


“Everyone knows that it’s a big ‘f— you’ to CBS that she did it, because she never, ever refers to herself as anything but Julie Chen,” the source said.

“It’s sort of perfect when you think about it,” the person continued. “The casual viewer probably didn’t even notice, but I promise you that the network did. They were watching every single second of the show to see if she would do anything. They must have been breathing a sigh of relief because the show was almost over, and then that happened!”

Chen also posted the following statement about the allegations against her husband on Twitter on July 27.

Shortly after the revelations about Moonves came out, The Late Show host Stephen Colbert gave a short, serious monologue explaining that everyone, even the most powerful figures in any workspace, must be held accountable for any type of bad behavior.

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