On the previous episode of Big Brother, Winston Hines was evicted from the house as Sam Bledsoe chose not to use her bonus life to save him. However, this leaves her with an opportunity to save herself or someone else from getting evicted this week. Also, we learn who became the new Head of Household (HOH).

The HOH competition from the last show continued, where players were participating in the “Out on a Limb” challenge in the pouring rain. The houseguests were clinging to tree limbs while being covered in slime and “bird poop.” About 25 minutes into the competition, Rockstar Lantry fell and burst into tears. Next, Faysal Shafaat and Brett Robinson took a tumble off their tree limbs. Later, Bayleigh DaytonAngela RummansRachel SwindlerHaleigh Broucher and JC Monduix all lost. This left Kaycee Clar, Tyler CrispenKaitlyn Herman and Sam as the final four. Sam ended up being the last player standing, making her the new HOH.


Immediately after winning, Sam seemed to have her mind made up as to who she wanted to evict. In the meantime, Rockstar is still in the midst of a breakdown while Bayleigh is trying to soothe her. She told Rockstar that Sam is the new HOH, saying they can work with her to avoid being evicted.

As for the other players, lies continue to swirl around the house. Brett admitted in the Diary Room that he has lied about Rockstar so that she would become a target. He just doesn’t want to play with her and wants to drive her up the wall. Additionally, Tyler kept telling Kaitlyn that he voted for Brett to be evicted.

Later, JC revealed that he and Tyler were planning to flip the vote and blame Kaitlyn, as the two have been working together recently. With this plan, they predicted Faysal would come to them for support. It worked, for he blew up on Kaitlyn when he believed JC’s lie about her. He was especially upset because they’re best friends. They eventually sat down for a talk when she revealed to Faysal that he was hurting her feelings. He replied, “Stop crying and convince me it wasn’t you.”


Their conversation is interrupted when Sam called everyone up to the HOH room, where she announced that there will be no one-on-one conversations nor is anyone allowed in the HOH room without her.

Bayleigh and JC got into it when she asked the difference between a midget and a dwarf, being that he is just five feet tall. He said those are offensive words, similarly to using the N-word to describe a black person or the F-word to describe a gay person. However, since he used the actual words, Bayleigh was angry. JC immediately apologized, saying he only used the words to put the situation in context. Nonetheless, the two were able to talk about it and hug it out.

To close out the episode, Sam nominated Kaitlyn and Haleigh for eviction. She felt as though they take the most from the house yet contribute the least. Tune in on Wednesday night to see who is evicted or saved.

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