Ashton Kutcher's new on-set trailer for Two and a Half Men will strike envy in the hearts of anyone who's ever spent a night in a mobile home or RV. Nicknamed the "Baby Girl" model by Anderson Mobile Estates, the 1000-plus square-foot mansion-on-wheels has seven 60-inch 3D plasma TV screens, two bathrooms, 24/7 video surveillance and a thumb scanner on the door of the master bedroom, the UK's Daily Mail reports. Yes, the master bedroom.

The two-storey trailer, which costs $8750 a week to rent, is comparable to "The Heat" model Will Smith used while shooting Men in Black III. Also made by Anderson, Smith's featured a full recording studio, sound booth, a make-up mirror that doubles as a television and a play area for his children.

Kutcher, who recently guest-edited a special on-line issue of Details magazine, was the subject of some bad press Wednesday when it was revealed that many of the products recommended in the issue were made my companies in which Kutcher has heavily invested. Three out of four companies profiled in an article called "The New Titans of Tech" were Kutcher investments, but the fact that the actor did not disclose these connections represents a conflict of interest, Gawker reports.