Amy Adams stopped by Jimmy Fallons late night show to promote her newest movie, Batman v Superman and play the host’s new game called, “Box of Microphones.”


The game started off with picking a random card with a song and singer on it and a colorful microphone out of the box.

“Each one has a different vocal effect on it, so it could make us sound like chipmunks or robots. We have no idea until we start singing,” Fallon explained.

Adams picked “Work” by Rihanna and chose the red microphone. The microphone transformed the actress’ voice into a very low-sounding growl.

Fallon went next and picked Justin Bieber‘s “Sorry” along with the orange mic which caused his voice to sound like a chipmunk.

In the final round, “Double Sing, Double Duet,” the actress and host sang a duet with every line sounding different. The song was “You’re The One That I Want” from Grease. The two went back and forth with each line and showcased an array of different vocal sounds from chipmuck, to audio tune, to robot.

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