Rihanna was shocked to hear the amazing voice of her fan Terah Stewart when she lent him her microphone on “FourFiveSeconds” during an Anti tour stop in Ohio.

Rihanna Amazed By Fan’s Voice

At Rihanna’s concert at Ohio’s US Bank Arena over the weekend, she decided to get her fans involved on a rendition of “FourFiveSeconds” – her collaboration with Paul McCartney and Kanye West. Reaching her mic out to Stewart, Rihanna was obviously impressed with what she heard. After taking the mic back for a line, she put it back in front of Stewart, who once again didn’t disappoint.

Before Stewart knew his moment with Rihanna was about to blow up, he posted multiple excited tweets about singing with her.

After the concert, Stewart confirmed that the singer, who was clearly blown away by his pipes, followed him back on Twitter.

When Stewart’s brief contribution to the Anti tour stop went viral on the Internet, he was inundated with congratulations and compliments. He responded by tweeting out his thanks to his newfound fans – and his love for Rihanna.