Jimmy Fallon and Jake Gyllenhaal provided the world of comedy with a very “in your face” skit on Fallon’s Tonight Show Monday night.


The late night show kicked off Monday night by taking a look back “in the archives” with a skit called “Point Pleasant Police Department.” It had Fallon and Gyllenhaal donned in police uniforms and Fallon with a fake mustache.

The skit consisted of the two spitting food and drink on each other in three separate segments with the last one using no words at all, strictly food spitting. The duo started with coffee and crackers and ended with pie and whipped cream.

Within seconds of spitting on each other, the two completely broke character with laughter and Fallon’s mustache falling off multiple times. As the skit panned back and forth, the two were covered in food and drink and trying to hold back laughter.

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