Sierra McCormick, who stars in the new Amazon Prime Video movie The Vast of Night, revealed her favorite parts of the film and spoke about her belief in extra-terrestrial life, in a new uInterview.

The sci-fi movie is set in the 1950s and focuses on two young people, Fey, a police station switchboard operator, and Everett, a radio host, and their investigation into a weird frequency that appears over their town.

“My favorite scene to watch in the film is probably, Gail [Cronauer], she plays Maybel, her monologue,” McCormick told uInterview’s Erik Meers exclusively. “Getting to sit there on the day and witness that, like she’s an incredible actress, I learned a lot while just getting to sit in for that scene and listen to her.”

“And my favorite scene to shoot probably might’ve been me at the switchboard,” McCormick said. “Just because I had practiced and learned a lot about switchboards, and I got very, very acquainted, so I was happy to sort of maybe utilize all this knowledge that I had acquired learning how to operate this very sort of antiquated machine that I’ll never probably have any use forever again, but that was pretty fun to shoot.”

Her other favorite scenes were when she got to ride in the car with Jake Horowitz, who played Everett.

“We kind of have some of our best banter moments in the car, some of our best comradery, sort of back and forth,” she said.

McCormick credits the pair’s on-screen chemistry to their real-life friendship and the work of director Andrew Patterson.

“He had us rehearse extensively before we ever set foot in front of a camera,” she said. “So Jake and I had a lot of time to get comfortable performing with each other, hanging out with each other just in life, and really getting those moments.”

“So I think by the time we got on set, we were so comfortable with the words and the characters that we got to really just have a lot of fun,” said McCormick.

The actress also explained that the film resonated with her because she has believed in aliens since she was a little kid.

“I definitely always believed in extraterrestrial life since I was a kid, so it definitely scratched that kind of itch for me,” she said. “And then also just unexplained events and occurrences that’s like my s–t.”

“It was definitely one of little Sierra’s goals to be in a movie that’s about some creepy like unexplained occurrence or disappearance,” she said. “And I think I lived up to it, I think little Sierra’s really happy.”

The Vast of Night is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on May 29. Check out the trailer below.

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