Carnival Row follows the stories of mythological refugee beings as they deal with oppression and discrimination from humans. One human man, played by Orlando Bloom, takes on the unsolved murder cases of these beings with the help of his lover fae, played by Cara Delevinge. Caroline Ford plays Sophie Longerbane and Arty Froushan plays Jonah Breakspear, the two children of opposing politicians in the Republic of the Burgue.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview founder Erik Meers, Ford and Froushan discussed their most memorable moments from shooting the second season.


“I mean some of the some of the biggest set piece scenes were really memorable,” Froushan began. “Like scenes with a lot of extras, but also with extraordinary contraptions that they’ve built that are just so ingeniously devised to go along with the kind of the the technology of the world. In the first episode there’s a contraption that Jonah is at the kind of helm of and it’s like, that blew my mind when I saw it and working next to that was like terrifying but also definitely something I’ll remember for a while.”

“I’d say that walking amongst all of the creatures that they’ve created is magical, and it is like stepping into a completely other world and it’s not unlike anything I’ve ever done before so that was my favorite thing,” Ford said. “But also working with Arty was pretty great. I loved that we would do these, you know, scenes with darkness and cunning and then would step off and just be ridiculous and silly and telling stupid jokes and laughing together.”

Ford then revealed her favorite scene of working with Froushan.

“So we would often work on our scenes together for the weeks leading up to it and so we knew our characters really really well by this point,” Ford began. “We loved sort of playing around with different things within the scene and because we get to work in these incredibly lavish sets I think just walking in our costumes into those beautiful places and playing it was it was just a big highlight and we get to do a lot of Jonah and Sophie’s stuff happens inside, it’s the stuff that’s not said and so there’s a particular scene actually, towards the middle of the season where so much is unsaid and we worked really hard to try and get that across.”

The second and final season of Carnival Row is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video today.

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