Comedian Aries Spears doesn’t seem afraid to take jabs at any celebrity, and they may just end up put in his new exciting stand-up material.

The 43-year-old New York City native and former star of Fox sketch comedy series MADtv sat down with uInterview exclusively to discuss his upcoming jokes, his views on what makes for the best comedy, and President Donald Trump. 

Spears said he doesn’t have a personal favorite celebrity to impersonate or mock, although he certainly enjoys commenting on famous names who are appearing frequently in the news at any given time for any reason, like sexual predators Bill Cosby and R. Kelly. 

“You kind of take it as it comes,” Spears said. “I have a podcast [with Andy Steinberg] called Spears and Steinberg, and you known Liam Neeson recently revealed himself. So as these current events happen and it’s fresh off the press, we can talk about [them.]”

Neeson recently admitted in an interview that he had racist thoughts of killing any “black bastard” that crossed his path years ago after a female friend of his was raped and she told him the alleged assaulter was African-American. The action movie star apologized and said he felt “ashamed” for feeling this way.

As far as the commander in chief, Spears called Trump a “lightning rod” and “the gift that keeps on giving” with regards to comedy. The comedian added he doesn’t like to make jokes about the president too often simply because he believes material about Trump doesn’t always “flow naturally” and that it’s not completely “organic,” a term he used to describe strong humor.


Spears then tore into Trump without fear.

“I hate this motherf—er,” he said. “I didn’t really watch the whole State of the Union Address but what I did see — and he’s such a narcissist — is that his wording was basically, ‘if it wasn’t for me, North Korea would have obliterated us off the map but because of me, we are all safe,'” he added with a sarcastic tone.

Spears then shook his head in disapproval and quipped: “[Trump’s] condom would be a thimble.”

The comic then went on to say Trump’s job as president simply made him miss Barack Obama more.

“Obama’s like your main girlfriend that you threw away for some side p—y who had bigger t—ts,” Spears added. “And now you’re regretting every moment of it.”

Spears was on MADtv from 1997-2008 and was the second-longest serving cast member on the sketch series behind Michael McDonald. 

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