It seems some media outlets haven’t given up on trying to catch a picture of comedian and convicted sex offender Bill Cosby in jail. Last week, Cosby’s spokesperson, Andrew Wyatt, claimed that a drone had been spotted over State Correctional Institution Phoenix’s prison yard, the correctional facility where Cosby has been serving his three-to-ten year sentence for sexual assault. In the statement, Wyatt also suggested that the drone was likely from media outlets, whom he claims have also been flying over Cosby’s home in Philadelphia. Flying drones over prisons is illegal in the state of Pennsylvania.

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Any Worden, press secretary for the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections, stated that the department does not discuss security issues, but assured USA Today that “the agency has installed drone detection systems as part of enhanced security measures at its prisons.”

According to initial reports, the 81-year-old Cosby was being escorted around the prison yard at the time of the incident. It is reported that Cosby has been given a prison escort due to his blindness. According to TMZ, the prison was forced to go into lockdown once the drone detection system detected the drone overhead, although once again the DOC has refused to comment.


Meanwhile, Wyatt continues to claim Cosby’s innocence. With a new team of lawyers, Cosby is appealing his conviction and sentence to the Pennsylvania Superior Court. As of now, the comedian is currently slated to be incarcerated until September of 2021, at the earliest.

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