Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus called President Trump a “pretend president” during the HBO portion of the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour in Los Angeles on Friday. 

“I am not a fan,” Louis-Dreyfus, 58, added.

Earlier in the panel, the 10-time Emmy-winning actress explained that she “cares very much” about politics.

“I am a patriot and I am very unhappy with our current political situation — and this, by the way, has nothing to do with Veep. This is me talking right now,” Louis-Dreyfus noted.

The Veep star doesn’t know whom she’ll support for president in 2020 but is sure about whom she won’t.


“It will be a Democrat, and that’s for god sure,” the Seinfeld alum added. 

Louis-Dreyfus is set to return as Selina Meyer — a role that has brought her six consecutive Emmy wins — her last for the HBO comedy series‘ seventh and final season.

She gave few hints about how Veep will end, except to say her character, Selina Meyer, “is as true to herself as she can possibly be.”

“Saying goodbye to it was a very hard thing to do, even though it was our decision,” Louis-Dreyfus told the crowd, regarding her hit HBO comedy series coming to a close. 

Increasingly politically outspoken in her disdain for President Trump, the longtime Seinfeld star shocked fans in September 2017 when she announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

“I feel good. I feel strong,” she said about her return to the show following her cancer treatment. “I’ve got energy and, yeah, back to my old tricks. It feels like I never left,” the Veep actress told reporters.

Louis-Dreyfus was also among many in Hollywood who stated her disdain against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. She was one of many that signed a letter in support of Christine Blasey Ford, who claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh while they were teenagers.

If we’re lucky, Louis-Dreyfus will bring some of her political satire to Season 7 of Veep which premieres on HBO on March 3.

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