American Song Contest, the highly anticipated U.S. version of Eurovision Song Contest, finally has a winner.

Oklahoma’s AleXa took home the hardware for Season 1, hosted by iconic rapper Snoop Dogg and singing competition legend Kelly Clarkson, with her song “Wonderland.”

AleXa sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss what it was like being crowned the first winner of the show and her experience working with Clarkson and Snoop Dogg.

“It was literally breathtaking,” AleXa gushed. “When they announced that Oklahoma was the first, I felt my soul leave my body, whether that was actual or literally all the breath leaving my body – Who’s to say? It was just such a touching, emotional moment because I was sharing it with not only my incredible, hard-working coworkers that flew with me all the way from South Korea to experience this, and one even flew in from Germany.  My mom was on my left, and my dad was on my right and we were just holding each other’s hands and it was such a beautiful experience.”

The show’s famous hosts played a big part in setting the tone of the show.

“Oh, they have been such kind and wonderful souls,” AleXa said. “I am so blessed and honored to have met them. I had time, a little bit off and on to have a little small talk with them, but overall their kindness and humbleness … that atmosphere was just so welcoming and awesome to be around.”

You can stream “Wonderland” on all music platforms now.

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