Remy Ma and Papoose are two of the latest Hip-Hop stars to join the cast of Love and Hip-Hop: New York. Uinterview caught up with the couple to talk about how Remy Ma is reconquering the rap world, starting a family, and what keeps their marriage strong.


Remy Ma, who has been rapping since Big Pun signed her to his label back in 1998. Like her mentor, she has since gone on to earn a Grammy nomination for her work. After time off from the music scene, she expressed concern about reaching the same level of success she once had. “There’s no guarantee… there’s no right path to make sure you achieve success in this industry,” she revealed. “With me being away for so long, and with the industry being so fickle and everything’s about social media, and then one day it’s about something else, it’s really like a gamble.” Remy suggested that while she may work hard, she can’t assume everything will always work out.

In order to restart her career, Remy and Papoose had to put aside starting a family, much to Papoose’s disappointment. The rapper expressed that while he wants a baby, he needs to be considerate of his wife’s career and her recent success. “The fact that she was gone for so long, she really has a lot of catching up to do, so I understood it,” he said. Of course, Remy was quick to cut in, suggesting that her husband still brings up the conversation. “If there was a baby in the room right now, I’d be getting lectured to death about how now is a perfect time,” Papoose replied, “Those are natural human reactions.”

The couple’s expressed that part of the reason their relationship remains strong comes from their abilities to compromise. “When you are conjoined to make one, you can’t just do things based on your sole opinions or your sole emotions or your desires, you have to take the other person’s thoughts and feelings and wants and needs into consideration,” Remy said.

Catch Remy Ma and Papoose on new episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York, now on VH1.

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