Tommie Lee of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta sat down with uInterview to discuss friendships, her relationship with her mother, Joseline Hernandez and her future.


Tommie Lee had an emotional season this past year, in which she and her mother butted heads often. “It was like really emotional of course,” she said, speaking about her on-screen scenes with her mom. “And it was like kind of embarrassing a little bit, humiliating a little bit. Just to see ourselves like that on TV, but it was exactly what we were going through at the time. Me and my mom haven’t had the best relationship, but actually, we’ve grown from it. We went to counseling, we’re still in counseling, so it’s really helping us get to know each other as adults.”

In addition, Lee also had difficulties with fellow cast member Joseline Hernandez. Lee was arrested after a run-in with her co-star and spoke about what happened on set afterward. “They know what’s up,” Lee says of the crew. “I can’t even be in the same space with her, or I could be rearrested.”

And in terms of other areas of life, Lee says making and keeping friends has always been difficult. “It doesn’t matter what crowd I’m around, it’s always drama-filled, it’s always some type of way,” she says. “I don’t know what it is about me, certain people I can get along with and certain people I just can’t.”

Lee continued by explaining that she’s learned a lot about herself and about others from being on TV. “I feel like me getting to know myself and seeing myself on television and getting to know what pisses people off, it’s just up to me who I want to behave different with,” she starts, before jumping into not caring what others think of her. “Some people I don’t give a f–k if I piss them off, but certainly other people it’s just like, ‘eh maybe I should be a little more lighthearted with my mom, or maybe I should be a little more lighthearted with people I grew up with.” But for others, she continues, “You’re not my sandbox buddies, I didn’t grow up with you motherf–kers, if you wanna come at me wrong, then that’s just how [I’m going to] give it to you. Period.”

Despite her past troubles, Lee feels confident about her future. “I see myself creating a brand. I have a wine out right now called Le’Don and also I’m working on an EP, I love music. Also, I’m taking some acting classes, that’s always been a thing for me. I always wanted to do movies, I always do voiceovers, just imitate people, I like doing that. In the next five years I should be pretty freakin’ lit,” she laughs.

And in a fun moment, Tommie admits she is trying to stop cursing so much. “I’m like a sailor, I grew up in a house full of sailors, and I know a lot of four-letter words. They’re my favorite.”

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