In Woody Allen‘s latest movie, Magic In The Moonlight, Jacki Weaver’s character, Grace, a wealthy American widow living in the south of France, is a believer of the supernatural and the afterlife. Weaver thinks that it’s her character’s loneliness and her naiveté that make her a believer. “Mourning her husband, she’s lonely and she’s grasping at any opportunity for comfort,” Weaver told uInterview exclusively.

Like most of Allen’s films, Magic In The Moonlight stays within the realm of romance and philosophy. Weaver believes the movie’s message is simple. ”You can’t explain the inexplicable and that’s what I think love is about,” Weaver said.

Magic In The Moonlight is currently playing in theaters.

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Q: In the beginning of the movie your character really wants to believe in the afterlife. What is her headspace like? - Uinterview

Well, she’s very needy. Mourning her husband, she’s lonely and she's grasping at any opportunity for comfort, I think. And combined with that, she's quite a naive, gullible, innocent, and so she's right for that sort of swindling—for that sort of trickery. And never the sort of people that prayed on by people who take lots of money to predict things. And I think it’s said in the story that if it gives someone comfort and it doesn't hurt them, and you’re not swindling them a huge amounts of money, then what’s wrong with it? But on the other hand, they are swindling, they are getting lots of money out of her.

Q: Woody Allen is known as one of the world’s greatest directors. Did you have any conversations with him about your character? - Uinterview

Well, it was pretty much all on the page. I’ve got little bits of direction here and there. He doesn’t say a lot. A couple of times he said, “that was perfect!” [laughs]

Q: Do you believe in an afterlife? - Uinterview

I’m very open to all of that. I tend to sit on the fence. There’s a great, Nobel Prize-winning writer called Patrick White who says atheists are people who let the imagination to conceive of something that is beyond their comprehension [laughs]. So I wouldn’t say I’m believer, but I’m not a disbeliever.

Q: Do you think the movie has a particular message? - Uinterview

I think it’s about romance and love. Like all Woody Allen movies, it’s quite philosophical. I think it’s the chemistry, that inexplicable chemistry, that happens between two people is not something that’s… explicable! You cant explain the inexplicable and that’s what I think love is about.

Q: id you do any research into that time period or the supernatural to prepare for the role? - Uinterview

I know a few older, gullible women, and it’s not difficult to imagine how they operate. I’m an older woman, but I’m not gullible!