Javier Bardem has doubled down on his defense of Woody Allen while promoting his film Being The Ricardos.

Dylan Farrow, Allen’s adopted daughter, has long alleged since she was seven-years-old that Allen molested her. Allen was not charged in the 90’s when the allegations first surfaced, but Farrow, now 36 has repeated her claims well into adulthood. Most recently, Farrow recounted her story in the 2021 HBO Docuseries Allen v. Farrow.

Allen, 86, has called the claims “preposterous,” in a 2020 interview. “And they prefer to cling to if not the notion that I molested Dylan, the possibility I molested her. Nothing that I ever did with Dylan in my life could be misconstrued as that.”

Plenty of celebrities who have worked with Allen have shared their thoughts on the allegations, especially after some of his recent releases caused controversy because of the increasing momentum of the #MeToo movement.

Actors such as Kate Winslet, Timothée Chalamet and Colin Firth have spoken out against Allen since Farrow’s allegations resurfaced. Even so, plenty of actors have gone on record to say they believe Allen, including Scarlett Johannson, and, of course, Bardem.

Bardem, 52, worked with Allen in the film Vicky Cristina Barcelona. He defended Allen in a 2018 masterclass and hasn’t changed his position.

“Pointing fingers at someone is very dangerous if it hasn’t been legally proven. Beyond that, it’s just gossip,” Bardem told The Guardian. Bardem insists that if the case is re-opened and Allen is found guilty, “I will be the first to say, ‘What a horrible thing.’ But so far, I haven’t seen that.”

Being The Ricardos is available to stream globally.

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