Adam Brody and Analeigh Tipton are both starring in Whit Stillman’s much anticipated Damsels in Distress. The film tells the story of a trio of girls at an East Coast university, played by Greta Gerwig, Megalyn Echikunwoke, and Carrie MacLemore, who attempt to confront the boorish male culture at their school and make it a tad more elegant. This includes taking the shy, confused Lily, played by Tipton, under their wing and reforming her in their image. Brody plays Charlie — a slick, handsome businessman who might just interrupt the girl’s plans, and maybe even threaten their friendship as well.

Tipton, who began her career as a model, placing third on cycle 11 of American’s Next Top Model, has just begun her acting career. Her debut came in 2011’s The Green Hornet. Brody is best known for his time on The O.C., where he portrayed the nerdy hottie Seth Cohen. Since leaving The O.C., Brody has had a successful film career, most recently starring in 2009’s Jennifer’s Body. Brody was very excited to work with Stillman — who has developed a devoted fan base for his intelligent comedy of manners like 1990’s Metropolitan. Nonetheless, Brody was surprised by Stillman’s hands-off method. “He’s so – sort of – aloof and interesting and – not secretive – but he’s not that forthcoming with himself and his ideas,” Brody remarks in the interview.

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Analeigh: I have one. We would shoot all day and it was a small crew. We worked hard on that film and I remember one day when the light was going bad - going down, running, doing like three different scenes in 20 minutes, and running, and Whit, in his suit, running behind – you know (laughter) – with his handkerchief doing this (wipes her forehead) and it was - kind of - for me, it was that moment; it was capturing this beautiful light but running to do so and I think that a lot of the days were kind of like that. But that’s what was exciting about it.

Adam: A lot of it was technical, you know, we didn’t have enough time, I would say, and he’s so – sort of – aloof and interesting and – not secretive – but he’s not that forthcoming with himself and his ideas. He’s much more interested in you and asks you a lot of questions. So, I think he writes these very layered parts, and then he asks someone a lot of questions and finds that they are right for it and puts them in, and goes on to the next thing. And you are going, ‘Hold on. I thought we were going to discuss Plato and no? I guess I am right for it. I’ll just – you know – make my own assumptions. And yeah, I mean I was actually surprised – and, again, I think most of it was a time thing but - at the, not lack of direction, but the lack of philosophical discussions and discussions about literature and – you know - lack of conversations that were similar to the ones in his movies. But no, it was kind of like, ‘stand there’ and ‘you know’, but in that way, I kind of thought that was interesting. I don’t think that’s because he is not a great director. I think he’s so smart, you don’t have to understand – there’s no time for you to understand everything he’s doing. Just like you’re a chess piece and do what you will in that move that he’s going to give you.

Q: Did you how know to dance before Damsels in Distress? - Uinterview User

Adam: Not because I feel like I have two left feet or anything, just because, you know, you are singing the song at the same time and I learned soft shoe last second and I was doing both and it was a little frustrating. That was actually the biggest challenge for me.

Analeigh: I had a walking scene with Greta at the end and I was wearing a cupcake dress and it was sort of windy and we couldn’t hear ourselves over the ruffling of our dresses. That was kind of tricky.