Scott Michael Foster, the star of tween sensation Greek, the #1 show on the ABC Family network, takes questions from users of

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Q: Now you play a college frat guy on Greek, but you only went to community college. How did you learn about the frat experience? - Uinterview

I went to community college for one semester back in ’03. I went to Collin County Community College in Plano, Tex., but I spent most of my time playing video games and not actually going to class, so this is all very different from any experience that I had.

Q: Have you taken field trips to go to frat parties? - Uinterview

[laughs] Not really, no. We didn’t do any studying for that sort of thing. The script was sort of written so well that we sort of got it.

Q: Why do you think Greek has proven to be so popular with audiences? - Uinterview

A lot of teenagers have hopes to go to college. This show shows them that this is an option, and this is what your life could be like. This is a family you can me a part of. I think it’s a good show for people who are out of college and adults to remember the times that they had in college.

Q: The show has just started the new season. Can you give us a preview? - Uinterview

You are going to see Rusty become a big brother. He has a pledge he has to take care of and Cappie helps him make that transition. JT and Matt are still going strong. You’ll see some sort of conflict with Cappie and that whole relationship.

Q: Do your fans go crazy for you? - Uinterview

When we do events at high schools or colleges, we have a pretty astounding following. It's pretty awesome to see. It’s definitely grown in the seasons that we’ve aired, too. We did this whole college tour last fall for Declare Yourself, the voting campaign. We signed autographs for thousands of people. We signed people’s arms. They invite you to their sorority dinners.

Q: How did you break into acting? - Uinterview

I moved out to Los Angeles when I was 18 years old and struggled for a couple years. I booked some commercials to keep myself afloat and did some independent films. A few years after I moved out here, Greek just came out of the blue.

Q: You’ve also been on the popular web series Quarterlife. - Uinterview

That actually happened during the pilot of Greek. I did them simultaneously. That was a really fun process as well. It was one of the first internet series ever to go on network television. Marshall Herskovitz, who is the creator of Quarterlife, he had conversations with NBC President Ben Silverman. They decided to give us a shot since Quarterlife had such great internet success. They were going to put the first six episodes on TV, but after the pilot, they weren’t too happy with our numbers so we got pulled.

Q: What sort of roles are you looking for? Do you want to be the next Zac Efron? - Uinterview

No! I want to stay in comedy I think that is a lot fun. I’m pretty open doing anything that I like. If I find another television show, I wouldn’t mind doing that either. But I’ll go on doing Greek until we get canceled – our contract is for six seasons and we are just starting our third.

Q: You are in a band now. What's that like? - Uinterview

It’s called Siren’s Eye. It’s an L.A,-based band. It’s kind of hard for us to get going while I’m doing the show because it takes up a lot of time. We have a new studio space that we are going to start jamming in – writing and recording. I’m mainly the singer-song writer. It’s alternative indie rock. It’s very eclectic. It ranges from pretty hard-hitting rock to a nice ballad.

Q: We've heard you are doing a lot of scuba diving now. - Uinterview

The script supervisor on the show is the one who got us into that. She’s been an instructor for 10 years. She got me and my manager involved in getting certified out on Catalina Island. We did that last summer and we’ve been diving ever since. It’s been a lot of fun.

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