Caleb and Spencer teamed up to destroy a knife that could be the murder weapon used on Mona on Pretty Little Liars’ “Fresh Meat.”

PLL 5.15 “Fresh Meat” Recap

With Ali (Sasha Pieterse) behind bars, the police are still desperate to find Mona’s body or the murder weapon, and, during a search of Mona’s backyard, Toby (Keegan Allen) discovers a bloody knife covered in dry leaves. He examines it closely, but ultimately leaves it behind. Later, he explains to Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) that he actually recognized the knife as a hunting knife that belonged to his family. He thinks that it was kept in his family’s cabin, where Caleb had been staying after his return to Rosewood. Spencer and Caleb think it’s a trap set by A. Someone is trying to frame them for murder, again, and Caleb thinks they need to get rid of the knife. Toby, on the other hand, thinks they should let him do his job and turn it into the police. It could be the murder weapon, he says. It could be the evidence that proves Ali killed Mona and locks her up for good. In the end, Spencer and Toby make a deal: neither of them will do anything about it. They never had this conversation.

Spencer And Caleb Destroy The Knife

Less than 24 hours pass before Caleb reveals this new development to Hanna (Ashley Benson), who is off visiting one of the many colleges she got into. Hanna then calls Spencer, sending her straight back to Caleb. Caleb tells Spencer that he’s worried his fingerprints will be on that knife, and he can’t be suspected of murder again. He reveals that before he first arrived in Rosewood, he got in trouble with the law, something Hanna already knew. What she doesn’t know is that one of the criminals Caleb did some hacking for turned up dead, and the other pointed the finger at Caleb. If it wasn’t for some detective who took the time to see that he was just a scared, lonely kid, he could be in jail for murder. He doesn’t want to go through that again, and, coming off her recent brush with the law, Spencer understands. Together, they get the knife and then set about getting rid of it. The problem is that Caleb is convinced that no matter where he takes the knife, A will find it and bring it back to haunt them. He doesn’t want to throw it in a river for fear that A will retrieve it and use it against them. The only way to get rid of the knife is to “make it not exist.”

Spencer and Caleb head to Rosewood High to use the large kiln to destroy the knife. After messing with the buttons and finally turning the kiln on, Spencer thinks she hears a noise and goes to investigate, leaving Caleb alone with the knife. He walks into the room-sized kiln to put the knife on a shelf, and the door slams shut behind him, leaving him locked in a quickly heating room. Eventually, Spencer returns and manages to shut the kiln down and get Caleb out before he cooks. Thankfully, whoever locked him in the kiln locked him inside with the knife, so the knife can still be destroyed. Spencer closes the door and finishes the job.

Hanna Visits Ali In Jail

Meanwhile, freaked out by Caleb’s news, Hanna decides she needs to talk to Detective Holbrook (Sean Faris). She’s convinced that he’s the one helping Ali torture them from prison, but that if he only understood who she really was, then he’d stop helping Ali. Holbrook has left town briefly to take care of his sick father, so Hanna tracks down Holbrook’s dad at his creepy trailer park home. Hanna passes by a bearded man cutting open some kind of dead animal and a creepy kid on a bike, who appears to be Holbrook’s younger brother, before finally coming face to face with Holbrook’s creepy dad. Holbrook’s dad tells Hanna that he hasn’t seen his son, but, if anyone knew where he was he thought it would be her. Holbrook’s dad then asks her if she’s out on bail – he thinks she’s Alison. To make matters worse, when Hanna returns to her car, she finds all her doors have been opened, and, sitting in the front seat, is her teddy bear, now filled with animal guts.

After Hanna’s failed visit with Holbrook, she goes to visit Ali in prison. She’s Ali’s first and only visitor. Ali has been calling them, and her brother Jason, trying to convince them that she isn’t A, but they’ve all been ignoring her. When Hanna and Ali finally sit down face to face, Hanna makes clear she doesn’t believe a word Ali says, and says she’s done being manipulated by her. “I came here to tell you one thing: give up,” she says.

Jackie Returns

Emily (Shay Mitchell) is struggling to deal with Paige’s departure, and is convinced she needs to fly out to California to visit her. Paige hasn’t been returning her calls or emails, but Emily is still desperate to make enough money to buy herself a plane ticket. She foolishly offers to cater Ezra’s Brew re-opening, which becomes a disaster. Eventually, Ezra hires a professional, which crushes Emily.

While Emily deals with her kitchen crisis, Aria (Lucy Hale) desperately tries to change a waitlist into a acceptance at a local college. The only problem is that his ex fiancée, Jackie (Paloma Guzmán) is on the admissions board there. Ezra (Ian Harding) tries to make Aria feel better about not getting into college, but it doesn’t help, so, instead, Aria comes up with a plan. In an effort to get off the waitlist, she writes a letter to the admissions board pandering to Jackie, saying that she regretted entering into a relationship with an older man (Ezra) while in high school. It works, but Aria feels guilty – she didn’t mean it, and if Ezra ever found out it would crush him – so she drives up to the school to ask Jackie to forget about the letter. Jackie promises her that the letter will remain their little secret. After Ezra’s successful opening, Aria finds a college book on a table, with a quote from her letter printed on a bookmark inside.

Finally, Hanna sneaks home after her visit with Ali and witnesses Jason (Drew Van Acker) sneaking out of the house! Ms. Marin (Laura Leighton) and Jason hooked up after some bonding at work and an intimate dinner! Jason didn’t spot Hanna as she watched him leave from the kitchen.

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