The 2011 ABC Family/Freeform show Switched at Birth has come to a close.


The show, helmed by creator Lizzy Weiss, told the story of two teens who discover in high school that they had been sent home with the wrong families at birth. For five seasons, the melodrama dealt with real issues, such as mother-daughter relationships, alcoholism, first loves, date rape, marriage, class, Down syndrome, depression, race politics, and the deaf community.

The final episode, which aired last night on Freeform, was a satisfying end to all the relationships built up over its five seasons. The series ends with the teens, Bay Kennish and Daphne Vasquez, deciding to live together. Kathryn goes through old papers to come up with a gift for Regina, but comes across an old DNA test that John had gotten, weeks before learning of the switch. It appears John thought Kathryn had cheated on him and gotten pregnant, but decided to stay with her anyway all those years ago. When Kathryn confronts John, he simply says they’re his family.


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Regina, on the other hand, can’t stop thinking about Eric. She even contemplated running away with him and Will to Belize to avoid the police, but she comest to her senses. She convinces Eric to turn himself in and do his time so that he can come back to her in the end.

A sentimental moment comes when Emmett, thanks to Bay’s intervention, decides to go to Japan with Travis while he pursues a career in professional baseball. One of the show’s central themes throughout its run was that blood does not equal family, and this is apparent in this moment. Travis and Emmett are brothers, just as Daphne and Bay are sisters.

Despite Bay and Emmett’s long-lived romance, the show did not dwell on this and make more drama. Instead, viewers were given a lovely montage of their time together, as both the characters and fans got closure.

Later, Bay and John have a heart to heart about career choices, and ultimately about being part of each others’ family. He has always wished Bay would act like more of a Kennish. Bay assures him that she is both a Vasquez and a Kennish, and that he need not worry. They share an emotional embrace.

Daphne’s final story line shows her applying for a renowned orthopedic surgery internship. Someone stops her and says she can’t be both deaf and a surgeon, to which she gives an epic speech about being unqualified and how deafness does not mean that.

The very end of the final episode shows the Kennish and Vasquez families eating dinner together and the feeling is one of support, peace, and love. There are plenty of hugs and speeches about being proud of each other. The final scene shows Daphne and Bay lying in the grass with their heads together, similar to the original poster for the show, watching a comet go by.

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