Jim Carrey‘s Twitter feed these days is filled with his politically minded artwork, and his latest piece might just be his most pointed yet. Entitled “New Pledge for a Generation Betrayed,” it offers a new satirical Pledge of Allegiance in the wake of the Sante Fe High School shooting, and all the other mass shootings that have come before in this country:

“I pledge allegiance to the flag
Of the United States of America
And to the gun makers for whom it stands,
One nation, under greed-
With butchery and injustice
For the most innocent of all.”


Just a few days earlier, Carrey had posted a painting inspired by Kent State student Kaitlin Bennett, who gained attention for posing with an AR-10 rifle in her graduation photos. Carrey opted to tie her to Santa Fe and the ills of gun culture at large.


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Carrey’s earlier pieces were vulgar caricatures of Donald Trump and various members of his administration and other acquaintances. Those could have easily been interpreted as little more than the venting of a frustrated individual, but now it seems clear that he is calling for action to be taken against society’s most insidious forces.

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