It has been quite some time since Jim Carrey has starred in a bona fide box office hit, but not to worry, as he has been filling his time by becoming 2018’s foremost political cartoonist.


His latest masterpiece portrays new National Rifle Association president Oliver North, who was previously best known for his part in the Iran-Contra scandal of the late 1980s, as a snake, with blood from the letters of the NRA dripping and spattering the background.

And in case you are unclear about Carrey’s intentions, he makes it perfectly clear in his caption, calling the NRA “a national disgrace” and positing that the “venom of greed is killing America.”

His other recent pieces include a foulmouthed Rudy Giuliani and a ghoulish Mike Pence:

These are far from the first conservative ideologues to receive the Carrey portrait treatment (other headline grabbers include a befuddled Michael Cohen and a skeevy Dr. Harold Bornstein). In fact, it is pretty much all that his Twitter feed consists of nowadays.

The takeaway here is clear: if you get hired by Donald Trump or an organization that he is friendly towards, you probably do not have a lot of job security, but you can be secure in expecting Jim Carrey to paint a caricature of you.

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