Jim Carrey has been taking the internet by storm by his interesting, and kind of disturbing, art pieces.

Though not exclusively, Carrey has been focusing most of his inspiration for art on the Trump administration. This week, his main piece featured a naked Donald Trump.

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The portrait, title “Hippocratic Oaf,” depicted a bare-chested president alongside Dr. Harold Bornstein, who a day earlier claimed that Trump wrote his own doctor’s note under Bornstein’s name. The note highlighted Trump’s “extraordinary” stamina.

Carrey’s piece shows a naked Trump behind Bornstein, who is typing on a keyboard. Above the doctor is written “lab tests astonishingly excellent. Stamina extraordinary. Urine sample delicious. Best I’ve ever tasted.” Hinting at the “Golden Showers” claims that are surrounding Trump.


Carrey created another Trump piece just a week before, this time depicting the odd “bromance” between him and French President Emmanuel Macron. The artist hints that Macron would do anything in order to protect the environment, even if it means being friendly with Trump.

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The actor-turned-artist does not just focus on criticizing the administration, he also depicted Bill Cosby in one of his recent portraits, following his conviction of sexual assault.

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