Kyra Sedgwick is an American actress, producer and director. She is best known for her role on the television show The Closer.


Kyra Sedgwick was born in New York City on August 19, 1965 (Kyra Sedgwick: age 57). Her mother, Patricia Rosenwald, was a speech teacher and therapist, and her father, Henry Dwight Sedgwick V, was a member of the illustrious Sedgwick family and a venture capitalist.

Sedgwick attended Friends Seminary in the East Village of Manhattan as a child. She went on to pursue her education at Sarah Lawrence College, then transferred to the University of Southern California, where she graduated with a degree in theater.


Sedgwick began her acting career at the age of sixteen when working on the soap opera Another World. She continued to appear in multiple films throughout the 90s, including Singles, Something to Talk About, Heart and Souls and Phenomenon.


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In 2005, Sedgwick began work on the award-winning television series, The Closer. Sedgwick starred as Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, an LAPD deputy and CIA-trained interrogator. The TNT show ran for seven years, from 2005 to 2012. Over the course of its seven seasons, Sedgwick won a Golden Globe and an Emmy for her performance.


In addition to being an award-winning actress, Kyra Sedgwick has experience behind the camera as well. Sedgwick has credits for directing episodes of such television shows as City on a Hill, Grace and Frankie and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Sedgwick discussed her newest project, directing the upcoming feature film Space Oddity. The space-themed rom-com follows Alex, a character looking to escape from the unhappiness in his current life and into the excitement of outer space. Talking about the film, Sedgwick revealed how Alex’s situation can relate to the audience’s own lives.

“I think that we all have ways in which we’re checking out of life – ways in which we’re not holding our space,” Sedgwick reflected. “And I think that it’s hard and it’s scary to really put yourself on the line because you know people die and lovers leave and the earth is in a perilous place right now and it’s hard to put yourself in the middle and go ‘no, I want to be a part of this.’ Vulnerability is scary, so it’s easier to check out one way or another. So that’s something that I could relate to a lot, that I feel like this character is checking out, I mean in the most like extreme of ways, but I can really relate to that.”

Space Oddity boasts a star-studded cast featuring actors such as Kyle Allen, Alexandra Shipp, Madeline Brewer, Simon Helberg, Carrie Preston and the director’s husband, Kevin Bacon.

When asked by uInterview about her shift from acting to directing, Sedgwick revealed that background experience in acting was vital to her own process.

“I think that I bring to set with me all the things that I’ve learned both good and bad,” the director asserted. “I’ve watched directors do a really great job and directors do not a great job. I’ve learned from their mistakes and their successes. Not to say that I’m not making my own mistakes every day. But I think being able to get inside of an actor’s heart and head as quickly as possible. Especially we had 21 days of shooting, you know, so you don’t have a lot of time to get people to feel safe enough with you to show you, they need to show you their squishy bits – that’s part of being an actor, is being so vulnerable. I feel like I have a little bit of a head start because they know that I know.”

Space Oddity was released in the United States on June 12 of this year.


Sedgwick married actor Kevin Bacon on September 4, 1988. Together they have two children, Travis Sedgwick Bacon and Sosie Ruth Bacon. Sosie Ruth Bacon is also an actress, and is known for her role as Skye in the hit television series, 13 Reasons Why.

Sedgwick lives with her family in Connecticut.

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When was Kyra Sedgwick born?

Kyra Sedgwick was born on August 19, 1965.

Where was Kyra Sedgwick born?

Kyra Sedgwick was born in New York City.

How old is Kyra Sedgwick?

Kyra Sedgwick is 57 years old.

Who is Kyra Sedgwick married to?

Kyra Sedgwick is married to fellow actor Kevin Bacon.

What nationality is Kyra Sedgwick?

Kyra Sedgwick is American. Sedgwick’s mother is Jewish and her father is Episcopalian and of English heritage.

How tall is Kyra Sedgwick?

Kyra Sedgwick is 5’5″.

Does Kyra Sedgwick have children?

Kyra Sedgwick has two children.

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