Space Oddity, a comedy-drama that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, follows Alex, who’s obsessed with space. He’s conflicted when he gets the chance to follow his dreams through a privately-funded program, meets a new girl in town named Daisy and has to decide between his future and his past.

Director Kyra Sedgwick, Kyle Allen (Alex) and Alexandra Shipp (Daisy) sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss the meaning behind their new film Space Oddity, which premiered at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival.

“What’s beautiful about this movie is that [Kyle] had this idea of going to space, but it doesn’t really matter if he was actually going to be able to go to space or not,” Shipp revealed. “In my mind, I was like, ‘It’s fake right?’ Reality doesn’t matter if the program he was signing up for was real or not. It was the intention behind it. This idea of escaping … he was just almost circling the drain about it the entire time. This movie was about running away and trying to find reasons for not doing that, or having those reasons thrown in your face in the form of a lovely young lady to pull you out of that. There’s something so beautiful about that that’s so relatable. It’s why I related to this script and I think it’s why fans will relate to this movie. What it’s about is him wanting to go to space, but what it’s really about is escaping your problems and issues and understanding you don’t have to do that and you don’t have to do that alone. You’re able to be loved and celebrated and accepted.”

“The world is a scary place, but we will not get through it unless we’re together, unless there’s connection,” Sedgwick added. “This family is all trying to deal with their grief separately, but what ultimately happens is people’s hearts get cracked open and they get reconnected and that’s what heals them. Through that healing, we will heal the planet. To me, this film is a love letter to the planet. It’s a call to action.”

Space Oddity is now playing in select theaters.

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