Lady Gaga has had a monumental past year. She starred in the blockbuster romance revamp of A Star Is Born, alongside Bradley Cooper, who also directed the movie. Gaga and some of her fellow writing partners including, Mark Ronson, who helped create her last studio album Joanne, wrote the soundtrack for the movie and the lead single, “Shallow,” which is a pivotal song in the movie and became Gaga’s first number one single in almost 10 years.


It won a Grammy and won Gaga her first Oscar. After winning the Oscar, Gaga said she “saw her whole artistic journey lead to that moment.” She recently also celebrated the milestone of A Star Is Born soundtrack selling six million copies worldwide, a massive feat for being a movie soundtrack.

She also just launched her own beauty brand, Haus Laboratories.  So it is safe to say, Gaga has been a busy woman.

After suffering a fall from the stage last week, Gaga has been posting on her Instagram pictures of her on her private jet, flying to Las Vegas for her Enigma show.

She also was posting herself showing self love in her jacuzzi, captioning it, “Face Mask. Check. Fishnets and neon thong. Check. Sleeping in my jacuzzi. Check.”

She also posted herself getting out of the pool in a one piece neon pink bathing suit, which she revealed in the caption part of her “pre-show routine” is doing Galatic laps.

After one of her opening shows, Gaga cued her fans in on her “post-show routine,” which included pictures of her soaking in an ice bath for “5-10 minutes,”  then a hot bath for “20,” and then wearing a compression suit filled with ice packs for another “20.”

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