Nine-time Grammy winning artist Lady Gaga is now officially an Oscar winner. Taking home the Best Original Song award for her song “Shallow” from A Star Is Born, the 32-year-old singer-turned-actress was visibly emotional as she took to the stage.

Between tears, Gaga asked aspiring artists to never give up on their dreams. “If you are at home and you’re sitting on your couch and you’re watching this right now, all I have to say is this is hard work,” she said. “I have worked hard for a long time and and it’s not about winning. What it’s about is not giving up. If you have a dream, fight for it. There’s a discipline for passion: it’s not about how many times you get rejected or you fall down and get beaten up, but how many times you stand up, and are brave and you keep on going.”


She was joined on stage by her co-writers Anthony Rossomando, Andrew Wyatt and Mark Ronson – who literally bowed down to Gaga when she finished her heartfelt speech, simply saying “we salute you, Lady Gaga.”

Gaga’s Oscar win comes off the heels of a rewarding awards season for her song “Shallow,” which she performs with costar and director Bradley Cooper in the film. Although A Star Is Born has lost most of the awards it’s been nominated for, “Shallow” has won consistently, sweeping up top prizes and the Oscars, the Grammys, and the Golden Globes. Gaga and Cooper performed the song onstage only minutes before the win, and viewers were mesmerized by their intimate and powerful performance.

Once again, Gaga thanked Cooper profusely in her acceptance speech, thanking him for “believing in us” and saying that “there is not a single person on the planet that could have sang this song with me but you.” This marks Gaga’s first Oscar win, although she was previously nominated in the same category for her song “‘Till It Happens To You” from the 2016 documentary, The Hunting Ground. Gaga was also nominated last night for Best Actress, although the Oscar went to The Favourite’s Olivia Colman.

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