The Leica M10 is the successor to the Leica M (Typ 240), and continuation of the M-system series. The Leica M series is known for it’s easy-to-use functionality and image quality. Can the M10 deliver the same?


The first thing to note about the Leica M10 is that it specifically targets photography perfectionists. The camera contains many unique and altered functions that the former cameras did not have. These include the removal of low-priority capabilities and adding more to what fans demanded. Leading some to call it the “people’s camera.”

THE GOOD: The Leica M10 has a shooting speed increase of five frames per second and doubled buffer size as well. Ideally, these components are great for the active photographer. It has shaved 0.13 inches off camera depth, and contains the ISO sensitivity control at the top. This allows better exposure settings while the camera is off. The viewfinder enables an increase in field view and magnification increases as well. It also has a new and improved light gathering capability build into it. The camera works well for people with glasses.

THE BAD: Since the Leica M10 is intended for photographers, it lacks video. However, Wi-Fi capabilities are offered. The battery life could use some work as well.

The Leica M10 was developed with diehards in mind. The camera was created after fans of the M-system made certain demands. Leica delivers on loyalty. If you’re a photographer that focuses solely on the shot, then this is the camera for you.

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