Apple is one of the most prolific hardware manufacturers in the world, from pioneering their stylized brands of computers, smartphones, tablets and more. Headsets are one of the many ventures the company has entered into, with the Apple AirPods promising to deliver “superior sound.” With many options in the market pining for your attention, does Apple’s contribution deliver on a level of quality you’d expect from them?


Headphones that are “truly wireless” is developing into its own market, with alternative devices like the Skybuds and Jabra’s Sport Elite rivaling Apple’s AirPods. However, in spite of its competitors, the AirPods are a solid choice. Their audio quality is, overall, one of the strongest amongst its peers (although the Sport Elite arguably surpasses it), even if the noise-cancelation could be better. Fortunately, the AirPods are resistant to sweat, allowing them to add aural ambience to your workout sessions.

Apple Airpods

A pair of Apple AirPods

While the comfort provided by earphones is a subjective thing, they were pleasant in CNET’s assessment. Similarly, no two pairs of ears are alike, meaning how firmly the AirPods rest in yours will vary from person to person. This was reflected in the experiences of CNET’s reviewers, where it was relatively secure in one and could have been more reliable for the other. And, owing to their small size, if one falls out, you might have trouble relocating it.

One of its biggest assets is Siri, Apple’s emblematic digital assistant. Tapping either AirPod twice will activate the familiar assistant, after which she can serve as a tool to enhance your user experience. She can swiftly adjust the volume of the track you’re listening to or change it to another musical piece. Naturally, you can ask her other questions too. Do you need directions? Siri will help you out.

In terms of their battery life, they AirPods hold a charge up to five hours. While this is ordinarily a low total, Apple circumnavigated this issue with the AirPods’ charging case. A quick 15-minute hookup therein will grant the earphones 3 hours of life.

Apple Airpods in Charger

A pair of Apple AirPods in their Charger

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