Jabra’s black-colored earphones pride themselves on their aptitude for providing athletes with durable, wireless audio. However, the manufacture has prepped an updated model of the Jabra Elite Sport, which grants some modest improvements.


Jabra announced their revisions on July 12 at the CE Week 2017. As with the original Elite Sport, the upgraded iteration will retail for $249.99.

All of the characteristics of the original Elite Sport have been maintained, including its wireless capabilities and its heart-rate monitor. Additionally, the new Elite Sports will continue to be as sweat-proof and water-proof as the older versions which, according to CNET’s review, is a strong asset.

Jabra’s improved version of the Elite Sport will offer additional battery life, from the original’s 3 hours to 4.5 hours. An additional 9 hours can be utilized through the charging case, resulting in 13.5 total hours. Jabra SVP Calum MacDougall knows how crucial battery life is for portable electronics, noting how Jabra has “taken a significant step in boosting battery experience in the true wireless category.”

The Jabra Elite Sport and the Jabra Sport Life app

The Jabra Elite Sport and its Jabra Sport Life smartphone app (Image: Jabra)

Along with the hardware, its accompanying smartphone app — the Jabra Sport Life app — will also see some enhancements. Both Androids and iPhones can run the Elite Sport’s companion app. The firmware update grants an internal equalizer, which can be used to personalize your settings.

Fortunately, all releases of this app will be updated, meaning you don’t have to buy the new earphones to enjoy the app’s improvements. (Of course, users will need to purchase the upgraded earphones if they wish to enjoy the extended battery life.)

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