Alpha Audiotronics’ successfully Kickstarted Skybuds pierced the market over a year ago and, through their free companion app for smartphones, have continued to receive support. Billed as “the future of truly wireless audio,” are Skybuds the revolutionary headphone you need?


Skybuds are easy to configure. Connecting them to each other and your iOS or Android smartphone should be relatively hassle free. While there will likely be an occasional snare with your Bluetooth connection, it shouldn’t be more troubling than any other wireless headphone.

In terms of battery life, they offer around four hours, which is on par with Apple’s competing AirPods. They come with a charging cradle, the Skydock. Furthermore, while the earphones aren’t exactly an eyesore, their innovations come more from their aptitude in delivering audio than their aesthetics.

CNET’s reviewer affirmed that they’re comfortable to wear, even if Apple’s AirPods were preferable in this regard. In his experience, the Skybuds offered superior passive noise isolation. He noted how the earpieces remained nestled where they’re supposed to stay, and he pleasantly noted their sweat-resistant nature rendered them viable for use in the gym and on runs.


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With the Skybuds’ companion app, you can utilize its (relatively new) Awareness feature. With it, you can choose between two settings: Adaptive Awareness and Active Awareness. Ultimately, this feature allows you to tune out your surroundings or open up your microphone to have a conversation with someone. In doing so, you’ll hear your own voice through the microphone.

Additionally, another nice luxury is the ability to locate a missing Skybud or Skydock. Once the app is synced with your devices, you have two tools to locate them should something go missing. Proximity allows you to discern the location of a wayward device, displaying if it’s within a “close, near, far and very far range.” Location, instead, will display the recorded location where your device was disconnected from Bluetooth.

The Skybuds ultimately don’t emit the highest caliber of audio playback, but they are a respectable choice for their price range. However, according to CNET’s reviewer, the AirPods do outclass them, even if there isn’t an enormous difference between. He does note, though, that the proficient noise-reduction of the Skybuds do give them an edge in louder biotopes.

Skybuds are available in three colors: white, silver and black. Per their official store, they cost $219.99.

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