Previously on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the ladies danced, gambled, and shopped their way through Vegas. Later on a Ferris wheel, Kyle and Dorit confronted Rinna about drama stemming from last season. This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills sees Erika opening up more about her father, the housewives attending Dorit’s birthday dinner, and Teddi competing in a horse show.


The episode opens with Dorit and PigK talking about Las Vegas and Dorit’s interactions with Erika and Rinna. Dorit, who is having a birthday dinner, is happy to invite Rinna after their reconciliation in Vegas, much to PigK’s surprise.

Meanwhile, Teddi and Rinna meet for lunch where Rinna praises the newcomer’s courage in joining the housewives in Vegas despite not knowing anyone. Teddi expresses that she had reservations about going on the trip but is ultimately glad that she did. Teddi later invites Rinna, alongside Vanderpump and Dorit, to a horse show where she’ll be competing.

The ladies then attend Dorit’s birthday dinner at Vanderpump’s restaurant, Villa Blanca. At the dinner, Dorit’s son points at Erika and calls her a “bad guy”, shocking the women. Later, Teddi expresses to Erika that she felt dismissed by her at one point in Vegas. Erika assures her that she didn’t dismiss her at all, but apologizes anyway. Vanderpump then flexes her manipulation muscles and prods Rinna into giving a speech to Dorit. Rinna quickly obeys and delivers a nauseating speech, praising her and Dorit’s newfound friendship.

The next scene is of Erika at her office talking with the co-author of her memoir, Pretty Mess. The performer heart-breakingly delves deeper into her relationship with her father. She explains that he invited her to his home for Thanksgiving for their first meeting and it felt like a stranger’s home. Including Thanksgiving dinner, Erika and her father have only met three times and after those three times, their relationship petered out and the two are no longer in contact today.

Meanwhile Rinna, Vanderpump, and Dorit are at Teddi’s horse show cheering her on. After jumping several hurdles of varying heights, Teddi and her horse Virtue are awarded first place (how convenient).

Dorit later invites Teddi and her husband Edwin over for dinner. While there, PigK turns the conversation to the dinner party drama with Rinna last season. Dorit feeds off this and tells Teddi and Edwin that PigK thinks that Rinna is schizophrenic, despite last episode adamantly denying to Rinna that he ever uttered those words (just when I was starting to warm up to Dorit, too). Dorit continues on to explain their argument in Shanghai last season. Teddi expresses her shock to Dorit because she thought the two looked amicable after their conversation in Vegas. Before she could finish her sentence, PigK in true pig fashion, interrupts Teddi and says “you wait, babe” as the episode ends.

Next time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Rinna and Erika head to Tokyo, Kyle and Vanderpump butt heads at lunch, and Dorit insults Camille (how dare she) at a dinner party. Tune in next Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST for an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Loves Croatia.
  • Thinks Croatia is great.
  • Is having a wonderful time in Croatia.
  • Recommends a trip to Croatia.
  • Is never leaving Croatia.


  • Her husband Ken wants to clone Giggy.
  • Finds Teddi’s husband to be young, fit, handsome, and virile.
  • Thinks Rinna has an IQ of only 75.
  • Lied about her weight on her license.
  • Loves Teddi’s passion for horses.


  • Receives fan letters from prison.
  • Thinks Dorit may have prompted her son to call her a “bad guy.”
  • Wears her “bad guy” title as a badge of honor.
  • Is unfazed by Teddi feeling a lack of warmth from her in Vegas.
  • Feels like her father never acknowledged her existence to anyone, including himself.


  • Surprised that she Erika got along so well in Vegas.
  • Says her birthday dinner wasn’t the place for Vanderpump to play with her “Lisa Rinna doll”.
  • Swears that Jagger didn’t her that Erika was a “bad guy” from her.
  • Bought $18.5K worth of dinnerware without PigK knowing.
  • Thinks Rinna has “Rage and Regret Syndrome.”


  • Has animal droppings in her oven.
  • Is learning from Erika to get to know people more slowly.
  • Loves seeing Vanderpump clean swan droppings.
  • Believes Vanderpump may actually be 75 years old.
  • Was the only one dressed appropriately for the horse show in her “shitkickers.”


  • Thinks Rinna is fun and will make her own assessment of her despite Dorit and Vanderpump’s remarks.
  • Was a professional equestrian for twelve years.
  • Wore her hair in a hairnet every day growing up.
  • Is always punctual out of respect.
  • Doesn’t think Dorit is displaying forgiveness for Rinna she she keeps talking bad about her.

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