Previously on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills new housewife Teddi Mellencamp was introduced, the ladies discussed last season’s explosive drama, and Kyle and Vanderpump organized a trip to Vegas to celebrate Erika, Rinna, Dorit, and Teddi’s birthdays. This week’s episode follows the housewives in Vegas as they dance, gamble, and shop, and Kyle and Dorit confront Rinna while on a Ferris wheel overlooking the Las Vegas strip.


The episode opens on last week’s cliffhanger with Rinna arriving at the hotel suite much to the discomfort of Dorit. The interaction between the two women is noticeably awkward as Rinna tells Dorit it is nice to see her and Dorit questions if it is. The tension is broken by the arrival of OG housewife Adrienne Maloof who brings with her a major feeling season one déjà vu.

Later the ladies head to Tao night club for a night of drinking and dancing. Camille once again steals the stage with her timeless hair flips and booty drops. The following day Erika, Dorit, and Teddi gamble while Kyle, Rinna, and Camille lounge by the pool.

While Dorit and Erika strike up a new friendship, a disconnect begins to form between Erika and Teddi at the roulette table. Vanderpump arrives and Dorit and Erika join her for some retail therapy while Teddi joins the ladies by the pool. While shopping, Vanderpump talks to Erika about their relationship. She explains that she would appreciate it if the popstar expressed more interest in their friendship and texted her first occasionally. Erika, unaware of Vanderpump’s feelings, apologized and bought her some regenerative cream as a peace offering.

Next the ladies take a ride on the High Roller, a luxury observation Ferris wheel. Kyle wants to take this time to talk to Rinna about her interaction with Harry, but Dorit hijacks the moment by asking Rinna if they can talk to her.

Dorit instantly lays into Rinna calling her words and actions last season low. Rinna acknowledges this but brings up that Dorit’s husband, PigK, has called her certifiable, schizophrenic, and a drug addict. Dorit (still) refuses to be held accountable for the things she and PigK have said and done last season and denies his ever saying that. Despite Dorit’s lack of accountability, Rinna apologizes to her and the two frenemies agree to start over. Immediately after putting out one social fire, Rinna is approached by Kyle who wants to air her own grievances with her. Kyle brings up her interaction with Harry and Rinna instantly apologizes for him and the two friends hug.

That night the women get drinks at The Dorsey in The Venetian. Erika notices that the ice cube in her drink is very phallic and asks if she can use it on Vanderpump. The ladies then joke around with their ice cubes and Camille rubs hers on her face (LOL).  Teddi looks uncomfortable by the sexual jokes so Dorit changes the subject and asks her what it was like to grow up with a famous dad.

Teddi explains that her dad was just like any other father and asks Erika about her own dad. Erika reveals to the ladies that she didn’t meet her father until she was 25 because he left when she was a baby. The other housewives are very empathetic about Erika’s situation and Teddi feels guilty for bringing it up.

The following morning, Dorit and Teddi have breakfast and Dorit asks the newcomer how she felt about the trip. Teddi explains that she likes everyone but feels a disconnect with Erika. Dorit, who just recently became friends with Erika, explains to Teddi that she may need to earn the singer’s trust first. Teddi takes Dorit’s advice and the episode ends.

Next time on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika reveals more about her relationship with her father, Teddi shares her passion for equestrianism with the ladies, and at Dorit’s dinner party her son Jagger refers to Erika as “the bad guy.”  Tune in next Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST for an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Feels pressure to have Dorit and Rinna get along on the trip since she invited them both.
  • Had big hair, bushy eyebrows, and wore a lot of make-up when she was a Mellencamp fan.
  • Is taking a family vacation to Croatia, Greece, and the South of France.
  • Thinks Rinna has toothpick legs and a cantaloupe ass.
  • Would rather watch Mariah Carey perform at Caesars Palace than go on the High Roller. –SAME.


  • Has a bit of a cold but would be happy to give it to Rinna.
  • Would want a full cash refund and an apology letter from her therapist if she were Rinna.
  • Is really glad that Dorit and Erika are finally getting along.
  • Had she known Erika was going to buy her a gift she would’ve went over to the jewelry counter.
  • Has always wanted to put Rinna in a cage.


  • Was channeling a Russian hooker and 90s super model the first night in Vegas.
  • Thinks gambling is better than the best sex ever.
  • Is not opposed to an ice dildo since she is the “Ice Queen”.
  • Her husband Tom isn’t a symbol for her father, her father is much younger.
  • Is happy that the ladies are finally all getting along, but is waiting for the other shoe to drop.


  • Promises to be the “nicest fucking Lisa Rinna” we’ve ever seen.
  • Her daughter Delilah spent $280 on Wagyu beef at a restaurant.
  • Doesn’t know if Dorit is capable of taking responsibility for her actions at this point in her life.
  • Has learned more through the other housewives than she has in twenty years of life.
  • Is a huge Mellencamp fan.


  • Loves Erika’s 90s S&M outfit.
  • Happy to see a warmer and more engaging side to Erika.
  • Says she and Erika are “practically sisters” now. –Slow down girl.
  • Wants to know that she doesn’t have to be afraid in Rinna’s presence.
  • Thinks Erika needs to get laid.


  • Is an accountability couch and helps women reach their goals.
  • Used to weigh over 200 pounds and has struggled with her weight throughout her life.
  • Thinks Erika acts too cool for school.
  • Thought the Vegas trip would be a disaster but is happy to feel friendships forming.
  • Is fine with taking her relationship with Erika slowly since it’s already moving at a glacial speed.


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