Season six of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills saw the introduction of two new housewives and the ladies questioning Lisa Vanderpump’s honesty and intentions. The distrust surrounding Lisa Vanderpump all season culminated with an intervention during the ladies’ trip to Dubai. This season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills we say goodbye to one of the new housewives from last season, Kathryn (bye bitch) and welcome a new housewife Dorit(o) to the cast.

RHOBH S7E1 Recap: “Stronger Than Ever”

After a familiar trip down Rodeo Drive season seven of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills opens with OGs Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump making plans to meet at Pump, Vanderpump’s restaurant and bar in West Hollywood.

New housewife Dorit and husband PK meet with Lisa and Ken at Pump and wait for Kyle and Mauricio (unfff zaddy) to join them. Dorit asks Lisa if she liked Dubai (clearly she didn’t watch last season) and Kyle cackles. Lisa explains to Dorit that she had an awful time in Dubai because Lisa Rinna was accusing her of saying things that she didn’t say (love you LVP but I believe Rinna).

Later on Eileen, Erika, and Kyle grab a bite to eat. The ladies ask Erika for an update on Yolanda and her Lyme disease and Erika says that she is feeling 75% better (thank goodness). Kyle then asks if the ladies think that Vanderpump and Rinna will be make amends eventually to which Eileen and Erika are skeptical. Kyle says that although Lisa Vanderpump is angrier than Rinna, she will likely forgive Rinna first because Rinna is easy to manipulate (Oop shade).

*blasting Erika Jayne’s “Painkiller” and feeling my oats*

It’s time for Erika’s 45th birthday party and she has her village of gays applying a disco frost make-up for the Studio 54 theme.  The ladies’ costumes are everything with door-woman Pussy Control, Lisa Rinna (that WIG), and Eileen stealing the show. Erika Jayne plays her own music throughout the entirety of the party (queen) which results in the other ladies releasing their own inner Jaynes on the dance floor. The atmosphere quickly turns cold when LVP interacts with Lisa Rinna and Eileen for the first time since the reunion. LVP is very cold to both Rinna and Eileen as the ladies exchange niceties (although LVP claims that they were cold to her). Ultimately, the episode ends with the ladies dancing together despite the tension between the Lisas and Eileen.

The preview for next week shows Erika holding auditions for back up dancers, Lisa Vanderpump shopping for a horse, and Dorit hosting her 40th birthday party. Tune in next Tuesday at 9pm EST for an all-new episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Competed on Celebrity Apprentice
  • Is the biggest Boy George fan
  • Used to copy Boy George’s make up growing up
  • Is having a TV show made about her childhood
  • Used to go to Studio 54 with Andy Warhol and Rick James when she was ten years old.


  • Her husband manages Boy George
  • Is a business woman, mother, and wife
  • Has her own swimwear line
  • Boy George is her daughter’s godfather
  • Has three housekeepers, four nannies, and one assistant

Lisa Vanderpump:

  • Bought another Pomeranian named Harrison
  • Holds onto things for a long time according to Kyle
  • Starred in the “Poison Arrow” video for ABC
  • Thinks Rinna and Eileen would be thrilled if she wasn’t part of their social circle
  • Vows to come back stronger than ever


  • Has DSLs
  • Is constantly surrounded by gays
  • Says cocaine wasn’t addictive in the 70s
  • Her success as “Erika Jayne” is growing exponentially
  • Boy George is a fan of Erika Jayne – SAME

Lisa Rinna:

  • Her father passed away in January
  • Doesn’t have time to worry about the drama with Vanderpump
  • Would rather be better than bitter
  • Her daughter Delilah is modeling for Elite
  • Deserves to have her wig snatched from behind according to Vanderpump


  • Her mother passed away around the time the reunion was being filmed
  • Thinks the drama with Vanderpump is trivial
  • Started doing cryotherapy
  • Brought roller skates to Erika’s party in case she needs to skate away from Lisa Vanderpump
  • Got Erika a role of her choice on The Young and The Restless for her birthday –SO COOL


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