A lot went down in this week’s episode of Yellowstone, and a few moments really stood out in the scope of the show’s fifth season. Especially the show’s first LGBT kiss.

Yellowstone‘s first LGBT kiss. (Image: Paramount)

The episode started with an intense flashback that explained Rip’s loyalty to John Dutton and the ranch. In his teenage years, Rip (Kyle Red Silverstein) beat a fellow cowboy to death because he spoke crudely about Beth, whom they both liked. In a revelatory moment for the show’s viewers, John (Kevin Costner) agrees to cover up the murder as long as he’s loyal to the Yellowstone Ranch.


In another difficult scene underscored by Sarah’s (Dawn Olivieri) questionable motives for sleeping with Jamie (Wes Bentley), the two discuss their political agenda. Sarah vows to help Jamie impeach John as the governor of Montana.

Other political alliances are touched on in the episode, as Senator Lynelle Perry (Wendy Moniz) tells tribal Chairman Tom Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) that two pipelines have been approved to be dug through Tom’s reservation.

Meanwhile, the cattle on Dutton land are faced with the threat of a disease called brucellosis. John takes on the costly decision of moving the cattle. Rip is charged with leading the herd down south, which causes him some turmoil about leaving his new girlfriend Abby (Lainey Wilson) and his already volatile relationship with Beth (Kelly Reilly). Beth takes it upon herself to do some further research about the cows and finds that John’s “business model” makes almost no profit.

Later in the episode, romances blossom at the fair. An on-screen flirtation, however awkward, ensues between John and Summer (Piper Perabo), while Beth and Clara (Lilli Kay) shared a smooch under the stars in the series’ first lesbian kiss.

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