Wes Bentley revealed what he learned on the Yellowstone set from Kevin Costner in his new uInterview.

Bentley plays Jamie, the adopted son of Montana ranch owner John Dutton (played by Costner).

“[Jamie’s] lost more than ever,” Bentley told uInterview founder Erik Meers. “I mean he’s always been lost and rejected by the Duttons, but now he’s not even blood so he’s lost, he’s upset, deeply hurt and he’s powerful, so he’s got the potential to act on those feelings, but I think he’s also looking for his acceptance and love so he turns to his biological father in hopes of finding it there.”

Bentley teased some upcoming “really tough and draining” scenes between his character, Jamie, and his sister Beth, played by Kelly Reilly.

“It’s some of the scenes that I both look forward to and dread,” he said, “because usually, physically, I’m the one getting it, but what I love about it is Kelly is an incredible actress to work with. We trust each other deeply in these moments, in these scenes especially. We try to have a good time in between takes a little bit just to keep it — check in with each other.”

Despite how real her abuse looks on screen, Reilly has never actually landed a punch on Bentley. “When we first started, in the barn scene in Season 1, when she’s punching me, she was so worried about hitting me she was too far away from me,” he said, “but she got the hang of it right after that. And no, she’s never hit me. Not yet.”

Bentley said he’s “really learned a lot” from Costner: “I watch him while we’re on set quite a bit, both on camera and off camera, just trying to learn about — cause he’s a film maker too, I want to see how he approaches the camera and stuff.”

“In a way I feel like I grew up with Kevin,” he said. “He was in all the movies that I loved, and so I had a connection there already, but learning about — and now that I’m a father and seeing him as a father and truly where his priorities are in life while in the middle of all this madness has been the most striking thing and the most moving thing for me.”

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