Fans of Michael Fassbender's Shame are intimately familiar with his ability to affect his viewers — but perhaps not as intimately as Fassbender's Shame costar, Nicole Beharie, 27, who met each other on the film. Beharie, whose acting credits include American Violet with Alfre Woodard and short stints on The Good Wife and Law & Order: SVU, played Marianne in Shame, the one woman with whom Fassbender's character tried to go on a "real" date.

"I'm seeing Nicole," Fassbender, 35, told GQ of Beharie. "We're trying to see each other as often as possible."

Fassbender has admitted in the past to having trouble keeping relationships going. "In my job, it's difficult to live a relationship, let alone to be married," he told German magazine Joy. The difficulties aren't aided by the fact that Fassbender lives in England and Beharie lives in New York, where the couple were pictured on the set of Shame.

But that's not about to stop Fassbender from trying. "I'm a romanticist," he said. "To sit in the garden or a sunset at the beach is always nice if you experience it with another one."

In general, Fassbender looks for a certain type of lady, and Beharie fits the bill. "I like strong women like my girlfriend Nicole. I like her confidence, she is an equal partner," he said.

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