Olympic long jumper Brittney Reese has had a career that many athletes can only dream of. In four trips to the Olympics, Reese brought home a gold and two silver medals. Now that she’s competed in her last Olympics, she has her sights set on new heights.

Reese sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers at SXSW in Austin, Texas, for an exclusive video to discuss what her last Olympics meant to her and how even in her success, she continues to pay it forward.

“I definitely went in knowing it was going to be my last one,” she said. “I’ve been blessed enough to go to four of them. I didn’t want to keep training, keep training, keep training for one more. I knew going into it. For me, it was last one, best one.”

Reese is currently coaching two professional track and field athletes at the University of Arizona. Everyone knows athletes need to be in peak physical condition, so her biggest piece of advice to the athletes she coaches may come as a surprise.

“I tell them to get their minds together. Track and field is a mental and emotional sport,” Reese explained. “You have to have your mental to be successful in this sport. One of the key things I did is I got a psychologist and worked on being in that right mindset when it’s time to compete and then turning it off when I get off the track.”

As for dreams off the track that Reese has yet to accomplish, “I’m also getting into some acting.”

“My dream is Law & Order,” the gold medalist added. “I’ve just always watched it and it’s always been one of those shows that even if it’s just me walking by the screen or seeing the dead body or something. That’s my dream to get on there.”

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