Both Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers paid tribute to Regis Philbin, the TV host who died on Friday at 88, on their Monday shows.

Fallon said on The Tonight Show, that Philbin was “the king of New York.” He continued, “When I started to become famous on Saturday Night Live and people would ask, ‘What’s it like when people recognize you on the street’ I would be like, ‘I feel like Regis.’ And everyone understood that and there was no need for explanation because he was the king of New York.”

Philbin frequently guest-starred on The Tonight Show and actually got one of his first jobs there as a page when Steve Allen was a host in the 1950s.

Fallon noted that he and Philbin shared Irish roots. “We got to know each other pretty well. He’ll be remembered as a genuinely nice person; a funny human; a good husband, father, and grandfather,” he said. “And he always had that smile and when Irish eyes are smiling, they’ll steal your heart away.”

Meyers talked about his memories with Philbin from his desk at home for the Late Night show. “It was a delight how he was exactly the same in person as he was on television,” he said. “The most amazing thing about Regis wasn’t his contagious enthusiasm, it was how many years he maintained that contagious enthusiasm.”

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