Only minutes after buying his $2 million supercar, Tracy Morgan was involved in a car crash.

The former star of 30 Rock was less than a mile away from the dealership when his Bugatti Veyron was sideswiped by another car in New York City.


Morgan collied with a Honda CR-V near 10th Ave and 42nd street in Manhattan, not far from the Lincoln Tunnel. He tweeted that he was okay.

It is not yet known who was at fault.

The actor is no stranger to motor vehicle collisions. Morgan paid tribute to his close friend Jimmy Mac on June 6, who lost his life in the fatal car wreck that he, along with Morgan and 5 others were involved in.

The accident was caused by a Walmart truck driver Kevin Roper, who had allegedly not slept for more than 24 hours before operating the 18-wheeler. He was charged with aggravated manslaughter, vehicular homicide and eight counts of aggravated assault, according to an indictment.

Following the tragic accident, Morgan was in a coma for two weeks and suffered severe brain injury. He miraculously recovered and had the support of the hospital, his friends and family.

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