New York City performed a confetti test in the rain today to try the conditions for the New Year’s Eve bash that occurs in Times Square every year.


The event went off without a hitch. “There is a real science that goes into this and today was the perfect day because it was rainy and wet, which is the worst conditions for confetti,” explained Countdown Entertainment president Jeffrey Rush. “Soggy confetti is not fun, but… it flew perfectly today in Times Square.”

At midnight on New Year’s, 300 pounds of confetti will rain down on partygoers and celebrators, and the test today proved that the confetti decorations will be flawless, even in less-than-ideal weather conditions. The city’s ball that will drop to ring in the New Year will be made of weather proof Waterford crystals, with the theme being “Gift of Kindness.”

“The Waterford theme of the ‘Gift of Kindness’ is really perfect for this year. Because I think 2016 has been a tough year and it always hasn’t been kind,” said Tim Thompkins of the Times Square Alliance. “Just the larger events in the world. Things like Brexit, our divisive presidential election, debates in Europe about what to do with refugees. It’s been a tough year. So the theme of kindness on the small scale and on the large scale is really important. And I think it resonates in Times Square because Times Square is the ‘Crossroads of the World’. It’s a global celebration more than any other celebration.”

“One of the secrets is they actually start throwing [the confetti] 45-seconds before midnight because they’re up so far that it takes a while for it to fall down,” Thompkins said. “A little before midnight if you actually look up you star seeing these little pieces of confetti coming out of windows and rooftops, but you don’t really see and feel it until midnight hits.”

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