The Walking Dead began on Sunday night with an ominous cold open in which a tea kettle comes to a boil, as a little girl is seen playing tag with a zombie through the kitchen window.

The Walking Dead Recap

When “The Grove” picked up, Carol (Melissa McBride) and Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) are on watch duty, while Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) and Mika (Kyla Kennedy) are catching some shut eye on the tracks. Carol, holding baby Judith, urges Lizzie to get some sleep too. Lizzie doesn’t want to sleep, and she doesn’t feel like she needs the protection of Tyreese either. After all, as she tells Carol, she saved Tyreese back at the Prison, shooting a man and a woman dead.

Listening to Lizzie talk about her killings leads Carol to open up about her daughter Sophia, who “didn’t have a mean bone in her body.” She then admits to Lizzie that perhaps the reason she isn’t still alive is because she was simply too nice. Carol and Lizzie then hug in what could have been a sweet moment, had Lizzie not taken a vaguely menacing glance at Judith.

Lizzie Thinks Walkers Are Human

While taking care of a scratch on Tyreese’s arm the next day, Carol levels with him about the capability of the two girls. Lizzie is undeniably tough, but she’s convinced herself that walkers are human. And Mika, is too similar to Sophia – possibly to nice to have a chance at surviving in the zombie-infested world.

Tyreese sees Lizzie’s weakness first hand when the two of them share guard duties. As he pulls out his hammer to take out a walker headed towards them, she pleads with him not to kill it. The walker gets stuck in the tracks, unable to move. Lizzie successfully convinces Tyreese to let the walker be.

Later on, the group finds The Grove, a secluded property that looks to be free of zombies. Holding Judith, Lizzie wanders over to a baby’s grave, as Carol and Tyreese make sure the place is safe. Mika, after trying futilely to convince her sister that walkers aren’t human, wields a gun to protect them from an oncoming undead. In the aftermath, a calm Mika instructs the unhinged Lizzie to stare at the flowers to regain her composure.

The following morning, Lizzie is outside of the house – indicating that it was her who’d been playing with the zombie woman in the opening scene. Boiling the water in a kettle, Carol looks outside to see the unlikely playmates. Carol rushes outside with a knife in hand, and despite Lizzie’s protests, plunges it through the zombie’s head. “What if I killed you?,” screamed Lizzie at Carol. “She was my friend!”

After going on a failed hunting trip with Carol, Mika returns to find her sister feeding a rat to the zombie still stuck on the tracks. The scene proves that it had been Lizzie who served as the Walker Feeder back at the Prison. Mika is incredulous, but Lizzie, in her delusion, continues to insist that the walkers are people – people she can hear. While still on the tracks, a group of walkers move towards the sisters, who retreat back towards the grove. When Mika gets caught in barbed wire and is almost overtaken by a walker, Lizzie helps her free. Subsequently, Lizzie, Mika, Carol and Tyreese shoot down the rest of the attacking walkers.

Lizzie Kills Mika, Shot Dead By Carol

Carol, believing that Lizzie now accepts that walkers aren’t her friends, goes deer hunting with Tyreese. Tyreese, still oblivious to the fact that Carol bears the responsibility for Karen and David’s deaths, talks to her about how Karen is often in his dreams and nightmares. When they get back to their new residence, a new nightmare is born. They return to find Mika dead, with her sister Lizzie covered in her blood and still holding the knife, which she used to stab her multiple times through the chest.

"Don’t worry. She’ll come back," Lizzie says, showing the wounds to Mika’s torso. "I didn’t hurt her brain." She adds, "Judith can change, too,” while picking up a gun and holding it pointed at Carol and Tyreese. Carol and Tyreese both manage to act as though nothing is amiss, which gets Lizzie to lower her weapon and follow Tyreese into the house. After shedding a few tears, Carol puts the knife through Mika’s head to assure she won’t turn.

In a private moment, Tyreese tells Carol that Lizzie was the Walker Feeder and suggests that she may have murdered Karen and David. Though Carol says she couldn’t have killed them, the two agree that she’s too dangerous to have around. Carol leaves the table to get Lizzie to help her pick out flowers for Mika. Telling Lizzie to “look at the flowers,” Carol pulls out a gun and kills Lizzie.

Following the somber burial of the two girls, Tyreese and Carol sit down together at a table. Finally, Carol decides he needs to know the truth about Karen and David. Tyreese, overwhelmed from the day's emotions, shows a glimmer of rage, but decides to forgive Carol on the spot. He’s happy to know Karen felt no pain and can forgive Carol, but admits he’ll never forget.

– Chelsea Regan

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