Max Irons and Jake Abel star in the film adaptation of Stephanie Meyer‘s The Host alongside Saoirse Ronan. In an exclusive interview with Uinterview, they answered fan questions about Irons’ on set driving and the idea of switching bodies with one another.

What would Irons and Abel do if they had to “host” each other in their bodies? “Strip naked, walk down the middle of Manhattan,” Abel to told Uinterview excluively. Struggling to compete with Able’s quip, Irons conceded, “Uh, I can’t really beat that. Yeah, I’d just deeply humiliate him in some way.”

Irons didn’t know how to drive before filming The Host, having grown up in London with no need to ever get a license. “I had two lessons, two lessons and they put me on the street driving,” Irons told Uinterview exclusively. “There were children walking around. I could’ve killed someone.”

“I was very impressed, I have to say,” Abel added supportively. “He had to try this truck that had no power steering, and I probably would have tipped it. So kudos.”

Check out Uinterview’s full video interview with Max Irons and Jake Abel here.

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