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Max Irons is a British actor known for his work in young-adult dramas such as The Host and The Riot Club. He has also done modeling work. This Max Irons bio will let the actor tell his story in his own words.

Max Irons Age, Personal Life

Max Irons was born on February 20, 1987 (Max Irons age 31) in Camden, London. His decision to pursue acting was unsurprising seeing as he comes from a family of actors. Not only are his parents, Jeremy Irons and Sinéad Cusack established within the field, but his grandparents were as well. Various members of his extended family also act professionally or do film or theater related work. Like many well-off English youths, he did most of schooling in boarding schools. He completely his primary education at Dragon school. He also attended Bryanston School but was expelled after being found in a compromising situation with another pupil he was dating at the time. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Max Irons Bio: Film Career

Max Irons began his film career with minor, sometimes unaccredited roles,such as playing Lucius in Dorian Gray.

His first significant part in a film was in 2011 with the supporting role of Henry Lazar in Red Riding Hood where he plays the son of a rich blacksmith who joins fellow townsfolk in the hunt to kill a werewolf that has decided to defect on its agreement with the town to not prey on humans. Later that same year he took on the role of Tommy Pasqualino in The Runaway.

In 2013 Irons joined the main cast of The Host, an adaption of the best-selling young adult novel by Stephanie Meyer, as Jared Howe. He and co-stars where free to make their characters their own. He told uInterview about his interaction with Meyers on set and how he built his character. He wondered, “‘am I taking Jared in the right direction? Am I getting him right?’ She created the guy, she would know best. But she said, ‘Yes, we trust your interpretation, we trust your instincts. Go and inhabit the character, which was a boost of confidence and made the pressure evaporate.”

He also played a supporting part in Woman in Gold.

Irons first starring role in a film was when he played Oxford student Miles Richards in The Riot Club. He also starred inTutankhamen as archaeologist Howard Carer.

In 2017, he costarred with actress Samantha Barks in the romantic drama, Bitter Harvest.

The film takes place in Ukraine during the man-made Famine, the Holodomor, created under the Joseph Stalin led Soviet regime. While filming in location in Ukraine the actor got to experience the current tensions with Russia in the country. “It was about two weeks after we wrapped that the revolution kind of kicked off in the famous square in Ukraine — Kiev, but what was clear when we were there was the division in the country and the division you could trace back centuries: economic, linguistic, religious, and you can see that, and that is the root of many problems Ukraine has faced for many centuries, that division,” he told uInterview exclusively.  “Depending on which side of the fence you find yourself standing on, you see a very different solution, and that’s why this is such an enduring problem. You see that also in the younger generations more inclined to go towards Europe and the older generation missing the status quo, veering towards Russia. It’s difficult.”

Other upcoming films include Crooked House and The Wife.

Max Irons Bio: Television

Max Irons had the leading role of Edward IV of England in the popular BBC mini-series The White Queen, based on Philippa Gregory‘s book series The Cousins’ War. The series follows the women involved in the English War of Roses, one of many historical events centered around English succession to the throne. The series went on to be nominated for various awards, including a best mini-series nomination from both the Primetime Emmy’s award and the Golden Globe Awards.

Max Irons Bio: Modeling Work

Max Irons has modeled for various companies including Burberry, Mango, Macy’s I.N.C..

Max Irons Bio: Personal Life, Dating Life, Girlfriends

Max Irons dated Emily Browning for a little over a year from Jan 2011 to May 2012. He dated  Saoirse Ronan, who he met on set of the Host, briefly in 2013. He is currently dating Sophie Pera.

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