Juan Pablo Galavis, now down to 13 women, returned on last night’s episode of The Bachelor to further narrow down his potential future wives – and future mother to his daughter Camila.

'The Bachelor' Recap

This week, the women are getting a break from the Bachelor mansion and heading off to Seoul, South Korea. Once they arrive, it’s announced that there will be two group dates and only one one-on-one. The first group date includes science educator Chelsie, former NBA cheerleader and single mom Cassandra, teacher Elise, psychiatric nurse Danielle, nurse Nikki and Kat the dancer.

Nikki Slammed By Girls, Gets Rose From Juan Pablo

Nikki couldn’t be more disappointed that she’s out of the running for the one-on-one time, and gets even more upset when she learns that the group date will include dancing. Juan Pablo has made it clear week after week that dancing is the way to his heart. Testing the women out, he arranged from them to dance with K-Pop group 2NE1 at a packed concert. As expected, Kat successfully steals the show

For the liquor-fueled second part of the date, all the women get decked out in their best. Kat, trying to prove she’s got more going on than her dance moves, pulls Juan Pablo over for some alone time where she gives him a bit of her life story. Nikki is not impressed with Kat’s game and is the victim of cattiness from Danielle, Elise and Cassandra. When she gets her own alone time with the Bachelor, Nikki admits that the situation in the house is making her nervous and agitated. For her honesty, Juan Pablo gifts her with a rose.

Sharleen’s One-On-One In Seoul

Opera singer Sharleen, who reluctantly accepted the “First Impression” rose on the first night, is rewarded with the only one-on-one date in Seoul. Before heading out on the date, Sharleen admits in her confessional time that she’s not quite sure she’s feeling Juan Pablo or seeing a future with him.

Walking through a market and chatting over tea, the chemistry seems lacking for these two, even though he gets her to bust out her singing chops. When Juan Pablo asks her about how many kids she sees in her future, it looks like it could be the end of the road for Sharleen. Yet, despite the fact that she says she has a hard time thinking about having children, the father of the four-year-old gives her a rose.

Karaoke & Pedicure Group Date

For the second group date, Juan Pablo spent time with assistant district attorney Andi, nanny Alli, pianist Lauren, dog lover Kelly, Clare and Renee. The first stop for the women is a karaoke joint, which is followed by trip to the market where they sip on lemonade, ham it up in a photo booth, get fish pedicures and ride on a duckboat.

Later on, the group reconvenes for cocktails at the Millennium Seoul Hilton. When house mom Renee gets some time alone with Juan Pablo, she tries to segue into a kiss. Juan Pablo squashes that though, claiming he doesn’t want Camila to see him making out with all of them every week. Lauren and Andi don’t get kisses either – but Andi does get the group date rose.

The Rose Ceremony

Prior to the Rose Ceremony, Nikki, Sharleen and Andi already are safe with roses. With just eight roses left to give, Juan Pablo offers them to Renee, Chelsie, Kelly, Danielle, Cassandra, Alli, Clare and Kat. It’s the end of the road for Elise and Lauren.

– Chelsea Regan

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